Burj Al Arab Restaurants

Together with exquisite dining and fancy cocktails, Burj Al Arab restaurants and bars offer a rare possibility to enter Burj Al Arab. Since Burj Al Arab in not accessible to the public, except for hotel and restaurant guests, the only way to take a tour of this, most famous Dubai sight is to book a room or a restaurant table.

There are seven restaurants and two bars in the hotel complex. Check the offer in the list below or read more detailed instructions in the Burj Al Arab Tour Guide.

Burj Al Arab
Burj Al Arab Restaurants Locations

Al Mahara Restaurant

Al Mahara Restaurant

Have you ever heard the story of an underwater restaurant in Dubai? Through the glass walls you can observe the fish swimming by while you eat, and the only way to get there is by a submarine. That restaurant is Al Mahara (Oyster Shell), but the story is only partially true. The restaurant is not on the sea bottom, but at the ground level of Burj al Arab hotel, the fish you can see are swimming in a large aquarium, and the submarine trip is only a high quality simulation. It all looks very spectacular, but it may be a little bit better suited for an amusement park than a luxury hotel.

Al Muntaha Restaurant

Al Muntaha is Arabic for "The Top". The name is symbolic both for the food served and the location of the restaurant on the 27nd floor with the view of the Palm Island.

Restaurant serves modern European cuisine. Expensive.

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Al Iwan Restaurant

Al Iwan

Arabic cuisine, buffet-style.

Skyview Bar

Skyview Bar

From 200m above sea level you can enjoy the view while having a cocktail or afternoon tea.

Bab Al Yam Restaurant

International cuisine. Food is served buffet-style, offering you the freedom to try something new or sample everything.

Juna Lounge

Offers international cocktails, Cuban cigars and a selection of whiskies from around the world. Food is not served.

Junsui Restaurant

Far east Asian cuisine. Buffet-style offer influenced by Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Indonesian and Korean dishes.

Sahn Eddar Restaurant

Serves only breakfast, finger food and afternoon tea.

Majlis Al Bahar Restaurant

Majlis Al Bahar restaurant has been closed due to maintenance, and the nearby beach facilities have been relocated to the north side of the bridge.